Lastec XR700 Gang Mower

Mow with one of the most impressive mowing decks in the world. The LASTEC XR700  quality of cut is achieved with seven floating 21” (533.4 mm) decks.

That translates to a 132” (335.28 cm) wide cut in one pass with the finish of seven individual precision mowers.

Budget minded customers who own a tractor can pay a fraction compared to self-contained options. The XR700 is the original articulator and the standard by which all other mowers are gauged. 

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PTNZ Brand LASTEC MainPg XR700 PTNZ Brand LASTEC ProductPg XR721 2 PTNZ Brand LASTEC ProductPg XR721 3 PTNZ Brand LASTEC ProductPg XR721
Type Pull Behind/Gang Mower
Tractor Size 35HP - Min at PTO
PTO Speed 540rpm
Mount Drawbar Mount and 3-Point Hitch
No Decks 7
Deck Width 21” (533.4 mm)
Total Cutting Width 132” (335.28 cm)
Transport Width 102” (259.08 cm)