Committed to providing superior quality turf maintenance equipment to customers around the globe, Jacobsen is renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation and green initiatives.

For years, Jacobsen have been regarded as the greatest cut in the industry and now they have taken their cutting performance to a new level with patented XP Reels.

Not only have they exceeded their own performance with the introduction of the XP Reels, but they are now producing machines that are meeting and exceeding the benchmark they have set. The Eclipse 322 is the only fully electrical cutting system on the market meaning greater efficiencies, quiet operation and better results with the XP Reels.

Jacobsen has invested significantly in improving their performance and JT Turf is now seeing the benefits of an improved focus around customer support which we trust our customers are now benefitting.

In short, Jacobsen continue to be market leaders with triplex, fairway and roughs mowers and JT Turf are only too happy to continue the relationship you already have with them or introduce you to their great innovations that are fast becoming the new standard.

Jacobsen is an Official Supplier of the 2018 Ryder Cup